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ABOUT US: Cookie is a restaurant and large European Beer Hall style bar that specialises in modern Thai cuisine. Our menu blends both the Thai and Australian way of life that leads to a sense of informality in our way of eating. 


Q: What’s the difference between the Restaurant & The Beer Hall?

Cookie is split into 2 sections.  The Restaurant takes bookings for dining and offers full table service.  It is on the right as you walk-into the venue. 

The Beer Hall and Cocktail bar make up the rest of our big beautiful space where you can sit at a big communal table, on bar stools, on tables and chairs like the restaurant (main Beer Hall space), in our Cocktail Bar, or if you are really lucky on a balcony.  

The Beer Hall is a walk-in only section (with a couple of exceptions – see Functions section) and you order everything yourself at the bar.  All menus are available in both spaces. 


Q: How long is a wait for a table in the Beer Hall if I just do a walk-in?

A: This depends on many things.


  • How busy we are (and without a crystal ball we can’t tell how busy it’s going to be beforehand),

  • What day of the week it is,

  • What time you come in,

  • How many people you have in your group.


Best to come in with your favourite people, grab a drink at the bar and make the magic happen yourself – staff are always around to give you a hand.  Most of the time you get a table pretty quick if not straightaway – but we just can’t guarantee it.  


Q: Is your venue family/child friendly?

A: We love having families come and enjoy a meal together at Cookie. However, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times. On busy evenings at a later timeslot our venue can be very busy, loud and full of adults enjoying adult beverages and letting loose after a big day or week at work. You may want to consider if this environment is suitable for the age of your children.  


Q: Can I book a balcony?

We have 3 balconies that seat 2 people each on the restaurant side, and we prefer if you book a table in the restaurant and put a note that you’d like a balcony.  If the balconies are suitable for using (thanks to Melbourne weather) we will do our best to get you out there.  

The secret is to book early via phone during office hours and have a chat to one of our reservations team who can write a very compelling reservation note on your booking.


Q: Can I smoke on the balcony?

A: The balconies on the Restaurant side are smoke free until after the kitchen closes (11pm or late on Friday & Saturdays).  The balconies on the Beer Hall side are available for you to smoke and drink on.  


Q: Can I be put on a waitlist?

A: We don’t do waitlists for our restaurant bookings.  Best thing to do if you didn’t book in time to secure a table is to come in to our Beer Hall walk-in area and speak to one of our staff. Or, keep checking our online booking tool.  As soon as someone cancels, its availability is shown.  Sometimes you can get really lucky.


Q: I can only book for 8 people online – how do I book for more people?

A: Give us a call!  Send us an email!  03 9663 7660 or  We love hearing from you.


Q: What's the maximum number of people I can book for?

A: On Friday and Saturday nights our restaurant takes bookings for up to 16 people.  We can take larger bookings in our Beer Hall – see details under Functions. We have more flexibility other evenings and considerably more for lunch so make sure you give us a call or drop us an email to see what we can do for you.  We will consider a group of up to 50 for lunch during the week. 


Q: Do you cater for people with special dietary needs?

A: With an extensive menu, great kitchen staff and highly trained hosts, we are very pleased to be able to help most people who have allergies or restrictions.  We are particularly popular with our vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, gluten free and coeliac friends for our large range of options.  We do nut free dishes happily and successfully everyday but we are not a nut-free kitchen.  We can even help out our FODMAP friends with a few delicious dishes.  We do not offer Halal dishes but we are happy to offer vegetarian and seafood dishes if this is an acceptable alternative.  Please give us a call or send us an email for further information.



Q: I don’t want a banquet - do I have to have a banquet?

A: For groups of 10 or more, you need to be on a banquet so we can manage our kitchen. We can customise your banquet experience to suit your group preferences and accommodate dietary requirements so everyone will enjoy their meal.  Give us a call to discuss.


Q: What are my banquet options?

A: Our feasting style banquet menu is available to look at here.  However this is just a guide as we are happy to create a customized banquet for your group that takes into consideration any preferences you may have and if anyone in your group has any dietary requirements.  


Note: at lunchtimes only we offer a 1-course (mains only) banquet option.  Please contact us for details.

We also offer a 3-course banquet which includes a dessert course.  Alternatively, after a 2 course banquet, those guests with a sweet teeth can order dessert a la carte. 


Q: Can I have a banquet with less than 10 people?

A: We think sharing is the best way to enjoy our menu and your host will be able to help you find all the right options to suit your group size and tastes. 


Q: Do you have sitting times?

A: Our bookings are for 2 hours. However, at the discretion of our staff on the night, late night bookings (after 8pm) often have the luxury of an extended stay if our restaurant is not fully rebooked before the kitchen closes.  We do not offer 7/7:30pm bookings on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights.  On other nights of the week we will be happy to see if we can accommodate you at these times – it’s little bit yes, no, maybe so depending on how busy we are.  Give us a call and have a chat. 


Q: Can I have a table longer than 2 hours?

A: For dinner bookings after 8pm we can usually extend your stay.  At lunchtimes (except at Christmas time) we can usually extend your booking also.  

Give us a call to book and we will do all we can for you – we have lots of space and options.


Q: Can I book just for drinks?

A: Our Beer Hall is available for those who want drinks only.  We take bookings in our restaurant for dining. However, at non-peak times we are very happy to discuss hosting something outside the rules.  Give us a call or send us an email.  


Q: What time should I ring to talk to someone about a reservation?

A: Our office hours are 10am-6pm Monday to Friday, 12pm-5pm on Saturday and 12pm-6pm on Sunday.  You can always book online at for groups of up to 8.  For larger groups please give us a call or email us at


Q: Do you have highchairs

A: No.  If you would like to bring a pram with you we can seat you in a space that accommodates for this if you give us some notice. Give us a call to book and we’ll be able to help you out.


Q: Are you wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes.  There is a lift from the ground floor to level 1.  If you give us a call to make a booking,  we can ensure that your group is sat at the most accommodating table for ease of access.


Q: Could I please book a quiet table?

A: We are a busy, vibrant and large venue that encourages people to enjoy themselves.  We also love filling our beautiful space with music to suit the atmosphere at that time. The best place to have a private conversation is in a loud crowded room because no one else will hear you.  


Q: Can my large group all sit on one table?

A: If you are booked into the restaurant, large groups sit on one long table with spaces for guests to easily get out from the table.  If your large group is booked into the Beer Hall, your group will be seated all together in a configuration that works best for your group.  Sometimes it will be on one long table, sometimes across multiple tables all together.  


Q: Do you do take-away or doggie bags?

A: Sorry we don’t do either.  


Q: Do you do gift vouchers?

A: Yes we do!  They last for 12 months and are redeemable in the restaurant or the bar for food and/or drinks. You can purchase online using THIS link.


Q: Are you open on public holidays?

A: Cookie is only shut two days a year.  Christmas Day and New Years Day.  All other days of the year it’s business as usual. 


Q: Can I get a copy of a receipt to reconcile work expenses?

A: The best thing to do is email us at with the following information.  Receipt amount, date you were with us, an estimated time the bill was paid and what section of the venue the bill was paid in (eg, Restaurant or Bar [till at the end of bar or in the middle, the cocktail bar]).


Q: Can I book a table on your Rooftop?

A: The Rooftop Bar (Level 7) is a completely separate business to Cookie (Level 1). Please refer to their website at,  email or call 03 9654 5394 to ask.  However, if you go to their FAQ page you’ll find they are a strictly walk-in only venue.


Q: What drinks packages do you offer?

A: We don’t offer drinks packages.  We can however, set you up a tab (where you can decide what drinks are put on it) and keep you updated throughout your visit.


Q: I’m having a hen’s, bucks or birthday party – what do you offer?

A: We can offer several options – Check out the Functions section below.  Please note: we do not allow any traditional hen or buck party paraphernalia or dress ups that may cause offense to our staff or other guests.  We are also not really into you bringing in balloons or decorations into our venue that obstruct the art and atmosphere that we work hard to create for the benefit of all our guests.


Q: Can I bring a birthday cake in?

A: Yes you can.  However, we charge $3 a head cakeage.  With pre-arrangement you can drop the cake off earlier in the day, or have it delivered to us in the afternoon. Cakes must be taken away with you when you leave the venue – unfortunately we cannot hold cakes overnight for later pickup.  


Alternatively, if you’d like to bring some birthday candles in, and order a dessert after dinner, our staff will happily bring it out lit up so you can sing Happy Birthday to your guest of honour.


Q: Do you offer corporate Christmas packages?

A: During the month of December we take large bookings for lunch (up to 50 depending on availability) utilising our Beer Hall area to extend the restaurant service. Groups need to pre select from our banquet menu and ensure we are aware of any dietary requirements a week before your reservation date.  Final numbers are locked in 24 hours before your event.  The sitting is for 2.5 hours. 



Our idea of a function may not be yours.  We like parties!


We have our big beautiful main Beer Hall space to accommodate groups larger than what we can fit in the restaurant. It’s not private, it’s not even semi private but we do create a space that your group can “own”.


You may prefer this space over the restaurant for your group of 10 or more because it has a great party atmosphere.


The only rules:

The group needs to dine (contact us for options)

You order your own drinks at the bar and pay as you go or organise a tab.  This is great for party groups as there is no drinks bill at the end of the night to sort out.


The good stuff:

You can stay as long as you like

Bookings at 7.00pm or 7.30pm available

We can organise a group tab for you and enable you to choose what drinks can be ordered.



Examples of the type of “functions” we hold


Birthday Parties: We love a birthday (especially 40ths!) on a Friday or Saturday night (or any night!).  Up to 30 guests, with the latest starting time being 7:30pm.  You’ll have a delicious customised 2 course sit down banquet to start your night and then, if you like, you can stand up and mill around your space and enjoy the rest of the evening for as long as you like until we close at 3am.  


Note: Friday and Saturday night bookings for large groups are strictly limited as it’s a really popular time. Book early!


Family Lunch Celebrations: Who doesn’t love a big family get together!  We can cater for your group of up to 50 for lunch on a 2 course customised banquet.  

We can offer you use of the space until 6pm.


We’ve enjoyed hosting weddings, 21sts, 30ths, 50ths, graduations and all sorts of family gatherings this way. Please contact us to discuss how we can create a special event for you.


Corporate Lunches & Dinners: Our team knows how to look after your team.  Please give us a call or email to find out more about how we can help.  We specialise in premium service, large bookings, complicated dietary requirements, last minute reservations and changes. 


Drinks and nibbles: We know you sometimes don’t want to dine “formally” – you just want to have a stand up drinks thing with some food, not a whole meal.

Early in the week – Sunday to Wednesday we are pretty flexible and have created some fun gatherings from work farewells to corporate entertaining. The earlier in the afternoon you start the more flexible we get.

On Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays before 4pm we are likely to be able to help you out.  


Just Drinks:  We welcome your call or email with details about your event because if it’s a Tuesday at 3pm or another non-peak time we are likely to break all the rules.


Tasting Event: If you have a group of 10-20 people we can organise an exclusive 2-hour afternoon session in our Cocktail Bar with one of our in-house experts to take you on a journey through a choice of Beer or Wine or Cocktails.  Alongside some tasty canapés, it’s a great team bonding session.  Your group is more than welcome to stay in our bar and continue socialising afterward. Contact us for pricing. Please note availability is strictly limited to non-peak times.


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